UPDATE 11-4-2013

We are always looking for good books, needing a new home.

Currently we are most interested in the following types of books:

Modern Library Giants with dust jackets except the following titles:

  1. Anthology - A Guide to Great Orchestral Music
  2. Anthology - Sixteen Famous American Plays
  3. Anthology - Sixteen Famous British Plays
  4. Anthology – Twelve Famous Plays of the Restoration
  5. O’Neil, Eugene– 9 Plays  

Modern Library (Regular size) with dust jackets except the following titles:

  1. Anthology - Five Great Modern Irish Plays
  2. Anthology - Six Modern American Plays
  3. Aristotle - An Introduction to Aristotle
  4. France, Anatole – Penguin Island
  5. Faulkner, William – Light in August (Yellow & Black DJ)
  6. Gide, Andre – The Counterfeiters
  7. Kafka, Franz - Selected Stories of Franz Kafka
  8. Thurber, James - The Thurber Carnival

Childrens Series Books in Hardback (no paperback copies) especially:

  1. Hardy Boys with Dust Jackets
  2. Nancy Drew with Dust Jackets
  3. Dana Girls
  4. Kay Tracey
  5. Beverly Gray
  6. Tom Swift/Tom Swift Junior
  7. Chip Hilton
  8. Bronc Burnett
  9. Judy Bolton
  10. Vicki Barr, Stewardess
  11. Cherry Ames, Nurse
  12. Rick Brandt

Theology - Hardback or Trade Paperback (No Christian Living or Christian How-To's)

Feel free to ask for a quote if you are parting with books.

When sending a list, please include Titles, Authors, Binding, and condition (defects).

We will attempt to promptly reply with a quote.