One of the unique things about the Modern Library Series, were the collection of authors and scholars who wrote the introductions for many of the titles, sometimes include a special introduction written by the book's owner author. 

For some collectors, completing a collection will include the books for which their preferred author wrote a preface or introduction. 

This list is alphabetical by Preface or Introduction author.

Conrad Aiken - Twentieth Centry American Poetry (Anthology)  -ML 97.2

Brooks Atikinson - New Voices in the American Theatre (Anthology) - ML 258.3

Carlos Baker (Princeton University) - The Selected Poetry and Prose of Shelley - ML 274.1

Ruby Cohn (San Francisco State College) Four Contemporary French Plays - ML 90.3

Henry Steele Commager - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - ML 39.2

Charles Durham (Cornell University) - Virgil's Works -ML 75.2

Irwin Edman (Columbia University) - The Consolation of Philosophy - ML 226.1

Bergen Evans (Northwestern University) - The Life of Samuel Johnson -ML 282.1

Joseph Gavorse - The Complete Writings of Thucydides - ML 58.2

Allan Halline - Six Modern American Plays - ML 276.1

Frederick W. Hilles (Yale University) - The Vicar of Wakefield - ML 291.1

Paul Landis (University of Illinois) - Six Plays by Corneille and Racine - ML 194.1

Robert Linscott - The Best Short Stories of Bret Harte - ML 250.1

Christopher Morley - The Short Stories of Saki - ML 280.1

George Jean Nathan -  Five Great Modern Irish Plays - ML 30.3

Eugene O'Neill - Seven Famous Greek Plays - ML 158.2

Whitney Oates (Princeton University) - Seven Famous Greek Plays - ML 158.2

Katherine Anne Porter - Selected Stories of Eudora Welty - ML 290.1

Ricardo Quintana (University of Wisconsin ) 18th Century Plays -ML 224.1

Joseph Ratner (Columbia University) The Philosophy of Spinoza - ML 60.3

Richard H. Rovere - Light in August - ML 88.5

Vincent Sheean - (New Intro for ML printing) - Personal History - ML 32.3

Ernest J. Simmons - Short Novels Volume 1 By Leo Tolstoy - ML 354.1

H. R. Steeves (Columbia University) - Penguin Island - ML 210.1

Wendy Steiner - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley - Unnumbered

James Thurber - The Thurber Carnival - ML 85.3

Hugh Walpole - (New Intro for ML printing) Fortitude -ML 178.1