Who Should We Then Read?

The Ultimate Homeschool Library Building Reference!


In June 2005, while exhibiting at my first homeschool convention, I had the opportunity to meet a fellow exhibitor, Jan Bloom, of Booksbloom in Rolla, Missouri.  Jan travels the country exhibiting her mobile bookstore at conventions from coast to coast helping homeschool families to build their libraries. Out of this experience, she authored this book, which is one of the greatest homeschooling (and general children's book) Bibliographies I've encountered.

In an attempt to make finding these books easier, I've provided inventory links below, keyed to the pages of the Revised and Expanded Version of her book.

Who Should We Then Read? By Jan Bloom


Reading Level Suggestions: The Book is Available Here


Page 29, 30:
Beginning Readers (1st-3rd Grade)

Cornerstones of Freedom
The First Books
Childhood of Famous Americans
Frontiers of America Step-up Readers

Page 30,31:Intermediate Readers (3rd-6th Grade)
Allabout Books We Were There

Landmark Books (US, World, And Giants)
North Star Books
Signature Books
Vision Books Credo Books

Page 32:Advanced Readers (7th-8th Grade)

Messner Biographical Series


Authors profiled: 

Page 36
Page 37 Louisa May Alcott
Page 38 Bess Streeter Aldrich
Page 44 Horatio Alger
Page 44 Jane Austin R. M. Ballantyne Page 46
Page 48 L. Frank Baum
Page 54 Patricia Beatty
Page 57 Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte
Page 59 Clyde Robert Bulla
Page 60 John Bunyan
Page 63 Thornton Burgess
Page 64 Frances Hodgson Burnett
Page 66 Eleanor Cameron
Page 67 Natalie Savage Carlson
Page 68 Lewis Carroll
Page 73 Harry Castlemon
Page 75 Alfred J. Church
Page 77 Ann Nolan Clark
Page 78 Beverly Cleary
Page 84 Elizabeth Coatsworth
Page 86 James Fenimore Cooper Leonard Cottrell Page 90
Page 91 James Daugherty
Page 93 Edgar & Ingri D'Aulaire
Page 95 Marguerite De Angeli
Page 96 Daniel Defoe
Page 97 Meindert DeJong
Page 99 Charles Dickens
Page 100 Mary Mapes Dodge
Page 102 Arthur Conan Doyle
Page 103 Alexander Dumas
Page 106 Edward Eggleston
Page 107 Eleanor Estes Eleanor Farjeon Page 109
Page 111 Walter Farley
Page 113 Rachel Field
Page 115 Martha Finley
Page 116 Genevieve Foster
Page 118 Jean Fritz
Page 119 Leon Garfield
Page 121 Doris Shannon Garst Elizabeth Goudge Page 123
Page 125 ElizabethJanet Gray

Page 129 Nathaniel Hawthorne
Page 131 Marguerite Henry
Page 135 George Alfred Henty
Page 137 V. M. Hillyer
Page 138 Stewart Holbrook Holling Clancey Holling Page 142
Page 147 Clara Ingram Judson
Page 149 Rudyard Kipling
Page 150 Jim Kjelgaard Jean Latham Page 152 Page 153 Lois LenskiPage 156 Robert Lawson
Page 158 C. S. Lewis
Page 161 Astrid Lindgren Hugh Lofting Page 163
Page 164 David Macaulay
Page 167 George MacDonald Ellen MacGregor Page 168
Page 169 Miriam Mason
Page 172 Eloise McGrawPage 172 Robert McCloskey
Page 174 May McNeer
Page 175 Enid Lamonte Meadowcroft Cornelia Meigs Page 177
Page 179 Earl Schenck Miers
Page 180 L. M. Montgomery
Page 182 Ralph Moody
Page 184 Edith Nesbit
Page 186 Sterling North
Page 187 Mary Norton
Page 188 Scott O'Dell Oliver Optic Page 191
Page 194 James Otis
Page 197 Lucy Fitch Perkins
Page 199 Gene Stratton Porter
Page 202 Beatrix Potter Arthur Ransome Page 206
Page 209 Glen Rounds
Page 211 Ruth Sawyer
Page 213 Kate Seredy
Page 213 Katherine Shippen Margaret Sidney Page 216 Elizabeth George Speare Page 217
Page 218 Armstrong Sperry
Page 219 Johanna Spyri
Page 222 William O. Steele
Page 223 Augusta Stevenson
Page 224 Robert Louis Stevenson
Page 228 Edward Stratemeyer
Page 232 Noel Streatfeild
Page 234 Ronald Syme
Page 237 Albert Payson Terhune Sanford Tousey Page 244
Page 246 Mark Twain
Page 248 Hendrik Van Loon
Page 251 Hilda Van Stockum Jules Verne Page 251
Page 253 Opal Wheeler
Page 254 Anne Terry White
Page 255 E. B. White
Page 257 Leonard Wibberley
Page 259 Kate Douglas Wiggin
Page 260 Laura Ingalls Wilder
Jay Williams


Series Profiled:

Page 265
Page 267 All About Books
Page 269 American Background
Page 270 American Heritage Junior Library
Page 271 American Heritage
Page 282 Childhood of Famous Americans
Page 284 Cornerstones of Freedom
Page 286 Credo Books
Page 292 The First Books
Page 293 Frontiers of America
Page 295 Horizon Caravel
Page 296 Illustrated Junior Library
Page 311 Landmark Books (US, World, And Giants)
Page 316 Messner Biographical Series
Page 320 North Star Books
Page 322 Signature Books
Page 323 Step Up Books
Page 324 Value Tales
Page 327 Vision Books

  We Were There Books


Newberry Award Winners, including Newbery Honor Books 

Page 331
Newbery Award Winner, and Honor Books